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Need A Reason To Come To Sound Station Music & Arts Festival? Here's 5...

Updated: Jul 6

Sound Station Music & Arts Festival is not your average music event. Sure there is a bevy of different music festivals held all over the country, but none quite like this one. Here's why you need to be there...

1. There has never been a music festival of this calibre held in Newcastle that is dedicated to showcasing local music

Like ever! Plus, the entire event is created by locals, presented by locals, and supported by local business and Council. So if you call yourself a proud Novocastrian - here's your chance to celebrate.

2. If you love live music, this is a Call To Action!

Never before has our local live music industry and live music venues been under threat the way they are right now. Ongoing residential development and antiquated interventions mean our live music venues are in real trouble. Unless we show that live music matters and is something we are willing to come out to support, we could lose it. This is your chance to be counted. Don't Just LOVE Live Music - Become Part of the LEGACY.

3. All you need to do is show up - we'll do the rest

The Newcastle Live Music Taskforce was created to advocate for better legislation around live music to ensure venues can continue to showcase the bands and artists we all love so much. Legislative changes like the creation of Entertainment Precincts would, put simply, prioritise businesses like live music venues in designated CBD areas. This is just one of the outcomes we are looking to secure as a matter of priority. But we need to show that live music matters - and only you can help us do that!

4. It's Free and All-Ages

Need we say more?

5. This is your chance to see the story of Newcastle Live Music played out on stage

The diverse line-up of artists at Sound Station Music & Arts Festival means this is your chance to actually watch the story of Newcastle's Live Music Industry play out right before your eyes - and ears. From the pub rock days of Dv8, Blues Bombers and Newcastle Anthem 'Better' performed by Grant Walmsley and Jets Play Jets, to blues, roots, punk, pop and our headliners The Gooch Palms - this is a music event unlike any other!

See you there!

Sound Station Music & Arts Festival

Saturday, 4 April 2020

The Station, Newcastle

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